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could happen I will also add whenever you see those TV shows of a building is imploding this will be a relatively unique situation where a high-risk situation where the losses could be really high and oftentimes you find coverage in this and that’s market okay that’s that’s a good question there are some of the question was is the weakest God is its reinsurance underused.

Reinsurance market via dens markets are separate you do you do see somersetting position themselves as EMS providers but technically there is sort of what we think of a sort of separate market but you could have a pretty surety call themselves and attention that surplus surplus provider but they’re not the not synonymous in other words and very good question all right and then.

lastly before we talk about reassuring that’s about a nice little segue here in a second Ems is somewhat unique against we mentioned this idea of standard market when you think about the standard market the state farm nationwide these are sort of registered in the end the various states there are legislated by the states are regulated by the states ems insurers are not so they’re oftentimes referred to as a non admitted in sure and we won’t get to it here but there are some advantages.

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compensation and type of feeling that portion of it but if there’s something that you’ve been shorted then you know just the expertise of a lawyer and and the experience of a adjuster or even public adjuster can help bridge that gap the truth of the matter is is that we’re all good at something and you know farmers are really good at farmers and doctors are really good at doctoring and nurses are good at nursing and you know that we’re out teachers can teach but not everybody does this and so the advantages.

Have someone who is experienced in the process to help you along and to bring value and if there’s if there’s no value brought then there’s no fee but yet Think that’s a great point and just to clarify from the rumor online you know we only get a were able Homeowners insurance Davie fl to increase your all right i mean as gray said yeah there may be a fortune of your plates not speed at all you know that you can go and agree.

with your insurance company the guest room is twenty-five thousand dollars worth of damage but maybe there’s something else that you haven’t identified I or they believe should be compensated with the insurance company doesn’t and that’s where you need someone like public adjuster board someone like a wall I mean and we only get paid percentage of the difference between that original offer you get from your insurance company and what were eventually able to a result I’m so-really you know it’s to me it’s wain-win for everyone but we’re happy total to you about that later I just want to put that out there that we don’t get paid.

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Would happen in the event that you have a post on Facebook in light of the fact that all you gotta content since PDA towers down whatever they can do is content you what might you do if your organization do well there is a response to that question we worked with organization in England to build up an online networking reaction that takes the majority of that stuff and sends a reaction.

gets into our framework and gets the work process blowing and we did that in we got an IBM Smarter Commerce grant fording it and let me give you a case of what it does well focus here’s leader of our claim Dept midnight Saturday night we had an extremely miserable client who posted an exceptionally frightful post on Facebook when that happened as what happens we have IBM content diagnostic and watching perusing all that stuff when that happened we knew we had an issue an email went to divider.

so that when he got up Sunday morning he could read an email he reached the client to take care of the issue and by five o’clock Afternoon post had been changed on Facebook from a despondent client to a glad client that is the place the world is going and I think the innovation change will be grabbing instead of backing off you talk a tad bit about Big Data this is a portion of the there’s lone two sorts of enormous information structure information which is housed qualities for instance there’s.

likewise unstructured information which is recorded data or phone calls and PCs now can read that can dissect it by substance and white possessed and can place it into your work process and let you know which you should chip away at firsthand can spot patterns whether its more extensive different things that you truly can’t do with individuals cuss you can’t have enough individuals to peruse completely everything shouldn’t something be said about automatons we avoided drugs and here’s the reason I surmise that the normal.

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organization when I checked the circumstance was fundamentally an a number in my partner were for a number that says it is possible that one for good vary terrible and what’s occurring is an immeasurable you for this I mean you say it’s permitted speed gold course frequently on your record or come up in the better your FOCI score is the better your value protection now and again the components or percent enormous.

on the off chance that you have an extraordinary record as a consumer you should as in the forward and an and get perturbed in your arrangement about help you and it’s something that is not going to leave I think at any point in the near future so for now’s last question do insurance agencies ascertain the expense to modify your home in case of a debacle in any case does that influence the value well clearly have.

The higher the worth love your home the higher the quality here protection yet what’s vital here so utilized as a Papa rates are simply ensure you get the correct data gives your insurance agency and I’ll stop us a legitimate worth for your lone it’s less a section about the cost here it’s an its what’s critical to you get word the scope you require the scope you require yes a cost don’t be agonized over cost here get the best possible data you’ll be happy you okayed loot a debt of gratitude is in order for going ahead Today Show incredible to be back occupations in case.